"No to High Rise!" Public Meeting

Mon 09 September 13


West Norwood's largest public meeting in memory - nearly 300 attend to express their determination not to see our neighbourhood destroyed by wide-spread high-rise developments. View an edited video by clicking link on the left.

The meeting was called jointly by Norwood Action Group and Norwood Forum to discuss the draft Lambeth Local Plan.  This encourages redevelopment of up to 6 storeys alongside the main thoroughfares of West Norwood and Tulse Hill.

Another separate plan looked in depth into major redevelopment of up to 8 storeys though in both cases higher still would be possible.  

Both plans have the potential to change this neighbourhood (currently of mainly pleasant 'human scale buildings') out of all recogintion.

These concerns motivated nearly 300 people to the meeting, the greatest number of any local public meeting in memory.

The case against was presented and Cllr Peter Robbins responded for the council and aceded to the wishes of the meeting.

Click links on left to open the full meeting report or edited video.